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House in Eressos - ERE 0134 (ID:378)

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€ 70.000
Partially Renovated

Lot size: 121 sq.m.
Building size: 110 sq.m.

HOUSE FOR SALE, ERESSOS VILLAGE This is a typically Eressian house but larger than average with a possible 4 bedrooms. As is often the case, it needs completely renovating but has genuine potential. If you're prepared to invest the money, you will have yourself a grand house with bags and bags of character. It's situated within easy walking distance of the village and is only 4km away from the... More Info

House in Eressos - ERE 0133 (ID:376)

€ 30.000
Development Required

Lot size: 38 sq.m.
Building size: 133 sq.m.

HOUSE FOR SALE, VILLAGE Well in truth it's more of a bedsit affair going on. Sandwiched between two buildings it offers, well... a room! There is a separate bathroom that could do with a little modernizing (I've seen much worse in this village) and a proper roof putting on. Then there is a larger room which is a good size however you'll need to partition off a sleeping area. A small kitchen... More Info

House in Eressos - ERE 0131 (ID:374)

€ 45.000
Completely Renovated

Lot size: 119 sq.m.
Building size: 72 sq.m.

HOUSE FOR SALE, VILLAGE We think this is a bit of a bargain. It's a sweet little house that needs some modernization although there's no reason you couldn't move in straight away. You may want to reconfigure the staircase situation, create an entrance downstairs and move the staircase inside so both levels are connected internally, this is not currently the case. It would create a bigger... More Info

House in Eressos - ERE 0130 (ID:373)

€ 28.000
Renovation Required

Lot size: 108.00 sq.m.
Building size: 67 sq.m.

HOUSE FOR SALE, ERESSOS VILLAGE Well, it certainly requires complete modernization but you know what, it's a great example of a typical, solid, stone-built Eressian house. There's plenty of scope here to raise the ceiling of the basement of the building which will maximize space. Original features aplenty, two outbuildings and a decent sized garden all make this lot well worth a look. It's a... More Info

House in Eressos - ERE 0128 (ID:371)

€ 50.000
Completely Renovated

Lot size: 248.15 sq.m.
Building size: 51 sq.m.

HOUSE FOR SALE, ERESSOS VILLAGE Traditional and typical Eressian house. It's in an elevated position so offers up great views. It's a little larger than most Eressian houses and there's still room to expand. The crumbling outer building (probably a bathroom in a former life) can be rebuilt. There's space under the house which could be exploited and a really lovely sized outdoor area which is... More Info

House in Eressos - KAM 0053 (ID:369)

€ 50.000
Renovation Required

Lot size: 2415.61 sq.m.
Building size: 37 sq.m.

HOUSE & LAND FOR SALE, KAMPOS Well, I don't think anyone has lived in this house since Aristotle was a lad. This is certainly a project to take on but...the land, the views, the location all make it a mouth-watering prospect. It's a traditional shepherd's house which has been extended. It all requires complete and full renovation. It appears the roof has been replaced relatively recently.... More Info

House in Skala Eressos - SKE 0071 (ID:368)

€ 100.000
Renovation Required

Lot size: 4383,86 sq.m.
Building size: 82 sq.m.

HOUSE FOR SALE Situated approximately 15 minutes walk from the stunning Skala Eressos, this property will make either a fantastic permanent residence or would be ideal as a holiday let. The house is in a bit of a pickle at the moment and whilst it may be hard to see beyond the rotting, bowing chipboard masquerading as a ceiling and some dubious, creaking floors....the house does have that all... More Info

House in Eressos - ERE 0127 (ID:364)

€ 180.000
Completely Renovated

Lot size: 138.49 sq.m.
Building size: 112 sq.m.

HOUSE FOR SALE, ERESSOS VILLAGE Built in the mid nineties, this is an ideal 3 bedroomed family home. Situated on the old Sigri road just to the outskirts of the village, it enjoys a slightly elevated position thus offering great views from both terraces. It's pretty much ready to move into although, in time, you may wish to modernise and upgrade to bring it into the 21st century but there's... More Info

House in Eressos - KAM 0052 (ID:363)

€ 50.000
Completely Renovated

Lot size: 1975.85 sq.m.
Building size: 38 sq.m.

HOUSE and LAND FOR SALE, KAMPOS And what a piece of land, it’s exceptional! Situated less than 2km from the thriving and magical resort of Skala Eressos it is accessed via a series of dusty, windy roads with good vehicular access though mountain-bikers and walkers alike will delight at the commute to and from the beach. It’s a genuinely quiet, peaceful and stunning spot. Being in a... More Info

House in Eressos - ERE 0125 (ID:362)

€ 40.000
Development Required

Lot size: 68.95 sq.m.
Building size: 73 sq.m.

HOUSE FOR SALE, FONISSA It's a hard one to call. You could move in straight away but in truth, it needs a bit of titivating and modernising. Situated in Fonissa which is close to the village. Skala is also easily accessed if you have wheels. (5 minutes by car) It's a standard Eressian house although the courtyard area is smaller than most suiting those who really don't want to garden.... More Info

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